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Speckled Spur-flower

Afrikaans name: Gespikkelde Muishondblaar

Speckled Spur-flower

Speckled Spur-flower

Photo © Steven Herbert

Plectranthus ciliatus

The Speckled Spur-flower is an attractive plant that is popular with gardeners in sub-tropical areas.

In the wild it is found on the forest floor in damp areas that do not experience frost. Although it is most common in KwaZulu-Natal it is found from the Western Cape through to Mpumalanga.

The flowers of the Speckled Spur-flower are whitish-purple in colour and are borne in spikes. The leaves are interesting in that they are green on top and purple underneath.

These plants attract a lot of insects, particularly butterflies.

Speckled Spur-flower leaves

Leaves of the Speckled Spur-flower

Photo © Steven Herbert


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