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Quiver Tree

Afrikaans name: Kokerboom

beautiful Quiver Tree landscape

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Aloe dichotoma

The Quiver Tree is one of the most distinctive trees in the more arid parts of South Africa. It is a member of the aloe family. Despite the harsh conditions they may live for 80 years.

The tree grows to a height of around 7 metres. In the months of June and July they produce yellow flowers which attract birds such as the sugarbirds. The trees are also popular with Sociable Weavers who may build their massive communal nests in them.

How did the tree get its common name of Quiver Tree? It comes from the Bushmen who make quivers for their arrows by hollowing out the branches of the tree.

The Quiver Tree is commonly used in landscape gardens in drier areas of the world.



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