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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

Mountain Cabbage Tree

Afrikaans name: Bergkiepersol

Leaves of the Mountain Cabbage Tree

Mountain Cabbage Tree

Photo © Steven Herbert

Cussonia paniculata

The Mountain Cabbage Tree is not the tallest of trees as it only grows to a height of 5 metres. What it lacks in height it makes up form in character which is why it is popular with gardeners.

This slow-growing tree favours rocky habitats in mountainous areas, often growing in cracks between rocks where dry leaves collect providing nutrients for it.

The flowers attract large numbers of bees and other insects. Kudu favour the leaves and Chacma Baboons eat the young shoots. Birds eat the black seeds when ripe.

The Mountain Cabbage Tree is very useful. The leaves are fed to cattle and goats while the soft wood was used to make brake-blocks for wagons.

Mountain Cabbage Tree

Mountain Cabbage Tree

Photo © Steven Herbert


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