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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

Thorny Elm

Afrikaans name: Doringolm

Thorny Elm

Thorny Elm

Photo © Steven Herbert

Chaetacme aristata

The Thorny Elm can grow to a height of 13 metres or more but sometimes is little more that a shrub.

These trees are found along the eastern and north-eastern regions of South Africa. They are normally found near water in woodland as well as near the coast and in ravines.

The bark of the Thorny Elm is greyish and the branches sometimes have spines which give rise to its common name. The leaves are big at a lengh of 9 cm. During spring and early summer small greenish flowers appear.

The wood of the Thorny Elm is not often used as it is very tough and difficult to work with.


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