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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

Coastal Golden-leaf or Mitzeeri

Afrikaans name: Bruin Stinkhout

Coastal Golden-leaf

Coastal Golden-leaf tree

Photo © Steven Herbert

Bridelia micracantha

The Coastal Golden-leaf is also known as the Mitzeeri.

This is a large tree that may exceed a height of 20 metres. It is found in a variety of forest and woodland habitats.

The fruit of the Coastal Golden-leaf are small and oval shaped. They go blackish as they ripen. The Coastal Golden-leaf does not bear fruit every year.

Before this tree sheds its leaves in autumn they take on the beautiful orange colour associated with this season. The Coastal Golden-leaf is not without leaves for very long as it replaces them during winter.

Leaves of a Coastal Golden-leaf tree

Photo © Steven Herbert

Bark of a Coastal Golden-leaf tree

Photo © Steven Herbert


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