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Afrikaans name: Mingerhout

Matumi tree in Kruger National Park


Photo © Steven Herbert

Breonadia salicina

The Matumi can grow to heights of up to 40 metres, although they are normally a lot smaller than that.

The Matumi is associated with water and is most often found near perennial rivers. In South Africa it is found in KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and Northern Province.

The leaves can be up to 17 cm in length. It gets small pale yellow flowers. Its fruit is even smaller.

Although mammals don't make much use of this tree, us humans do. The wood can be used for furniture, parquet flooring and boats (such as dugout canoes). Rameron Pigeons eat the seeds.

Leaves of a Matumi tree

Leaves of the Matumi tree

Photo © Steven Herbert



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