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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa


Afrikaans name: Dullstroom



Photo © Mickey Herd


It's hard to think about Dullstroom without thinking about fly-fishing. It's probably the best fly-fishing destination in South Africa.

The town was proclaimed in 1893 and gets its name from a Dutch resident called Wolterus Dull who established the town in 1883 and it was initially populated by Dutch immigrants. The town was unfortunately flattened by the British forces during the Second Boer War which resulted in many of the Dutch residents to return to their home country.

Dullstroom lies near the De Berg mountain and has an elevation of around 2,100 metres above sea-level. It gets virtually all of its rain during summer and the climate is generally cool.

The town has a small population of permanent residents but it is significantly boosted by visitors and tourists. There is a large number of accommodation in and around the time.

Besides fly-fishing in beautifully clear waters, visitors enjoy hiking, golf and biking.



Photo © Mickey Herd


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