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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa


Afrikaans name: Komga


Komga main street

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Eastern Cape

The small town of Komga was estblished in 1877. It is located around 65 km north of East London. There is some debate as to the origin of the name but it is either something to do with the colour brown or a reference to the clay soil in the area.

The population of the town is around 8,000 people.

The area around Komga is mainly used for the production of beef.

The St. Pauls Anglican Church building has been declared as a national monument. It was completed and opened on the 13th June 1866.

The surrounding grasslands are a popular venue for bird-watchers.


Above - Main street through Komga

Photo © Johan van Zyl

St Pauls Anglican Church

Above - St Pauls Anglican Church (1866)

Photo © Johan van Zyl


Above - Komga

Photo © Johan van Zyl


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