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Satara Camp, Kruger National Park

Afrikaans name: Satara Kamp

Shop, reception and restaurant complex

Satara Camp - Kruger National Park

Photo © Steven Herbert


Satara Camp is the second biggest rest-camp in Kruger National Park and is one of the most popular. The main attraction is the good game viewing to be had in the surrounding area.

The camp has various types of hut and other accommodation and most of them are arranged in large circles with the individual huts looking inward on to lawns filled with indigenous trees. There is a well-stocked shop and a restaurant where one can eat on the large veranda.

Birdwatchers will find plenty to look for in Satara Camp itself and many of the birds are quite tame. Look for species such as Woodland Kingfisher, Mourning Dove as well as various hornbills and starlings. The camp is also home to a few mammals such as Warthog, Squirrel and Honey Badger.

As far as game viewing opportunities go you are spoilt for choice. There are roads leading in all directions. Two of the most popular are the S100 dirt road heading east and the H7 tar road heading west. Both of these roads regularly offer sightings of Lion, Leopard, Cape Buffalo and Elephant. Cheetah and Wild Dog are also seen on occasion.

Entrance gate

Entrance gate

Photo © Steven Herbert

Huts arranged in large circles

Most of the huts in the camp are arranged in large circles

Photo © Steven Herbert


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