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Afrikaans name: Estcourt

Estcourt CBD

Estcourt CBD

Photo © Steven Herbert


The town of Estcourt is situated just off the N3 highway between Ladysmith and Mooi River. The town started at a crossing point on the Bushman's River. An inn and trading store were built initially but further development soon followed.

Estcourt weather


Although there is conflicting stories about how the town got its name it is believed to be named after Thomas Estcourt who sponsored English settlers in the 1800’s.

Estcourt is situated in the middle of a farming area and is known for its Eskort bacon factory. The town itself is dominated by the Nestle factory where coffee is produced.

A number of historic events have taken place in the area around Estcourt including the capture of Winston Churchill during the Anglo-Boer war.

One of the most interesting spots in Estcourt is Fort Durnford which is on a small hill at the eastern entrance to the town. It is well worth a visit. It has a good view over the town and the fort itself has been converted into a small museum.

Weenen Game Reserve is situated approximately 30 km from Estcourt. Wagendrift Dam is a popular destination for watersports enthusiasts.

Civic buildings

Above - Estcourt civic buildings

Photo © Steven Herbert


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