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Common Giant Plated Lizard

Afrikaans name: Reuse pantser-akkedis

Common Giant Plated Lizard

Common Giant Plated Lizard

Photo © Claire Herbert

Gerrhosaurus validus validus

The Common Giant Plated Lizard is a large lizard found in the eastern and north-eastern regions of South Africa as well as Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Swaziland.

It is found on rocky outcrops which offer it hiding and sunbathing places. They are normally shy although they can become accustomed to humans if there is regular visitors to the area. If startled they will dive into a crack or crevice and are difficult to extract from there as they just squeeze further and further in.

Male and female Common Giant Plated Lizard are similar in colour although males show a pinkish colour on their throats furing the breeding season. Juveniles are blackish with yellow spots.

They breed during summer and the female lays 4 largish eggs which have a leathery feel to them.



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