Cape Cobra - one of South Africa's deadly snakes

Cape Cobra

Afrikaans name: Kaapse Geelslang

Cape Cobra

Cape Cobra

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Naja nivea

The Cape Cobra is referred to as a 'geelslang' (yellow snake) in Afrikaans and it is not hard to see why. Although their colour varies you do get forms that are bright yellow in colour.

Meet some of South Africa's deadly snakes

Meet some of South Africa's deadliest snakes - next is a snake that you don't want to stand on!

These snakes are normally less than 1.5 metres in length but some individuals reach a length of 2 metres or more.

Cape Cobras are mainly active during the day. They normally hunt small rodents, frogs, lizards and smaller snakes on the ground but they do raid weaver nests high up in trees.

They lay up to 20 eggs at a time. The newy hatched Cape Cobras are around 35 cm in length.

Cape Cobras have a highly toxic venom and will bite with little provocation. They are responsible for human deaths, in South Africa, that the notorious Black Mamba.



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