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Common River Frog

Afrikaans name: Gewone Rivierpadda

Common River Frog

Photo © Steven Herbert

Rana angolensis

The Common River Frog is apparently identical to the Drakensburg River Frog and can only be separated by their calls. (Frogs are such noisy creatures but I bet if you are waiting for one of these to call he will just look at you and keep quiet...). They are also similar to the Cape River Frog.

Their call consists of a rattling noise followed by a croak. When calling they may either be half-submerged or concealed.

These frogs may be found in streams in grassland as well as a variety of permanent bodies of water.

The Common River Frog is an attractive species but they don't always have the green stripe down their backs.

It occurs across most of South Africa other than the western extremes of the country from Cape Town to south of the Orange River.

When the light is bright their eyes are horizontally elliptical.

Common River Frog

Photo © Steven Herbert



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