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Cape Wagtail

Afrikaans name: Gewone Kwikkie

Cape Wagtail on a thatched roof

Photo © Steven Herbert

Motacilla capensis

The Cape Wagtail is a well-known bird around South Africa as it is often found in gardens and parks.

Wagtails are related to pipits and longclaws.

The Cape Wagtail is more drably coloured than the other wagtails found in South Africa.

This bird is often seen patrolling areas of short grass, like lawns, looking for insects which form the main part of its diet.

They often bob they tails up and down which is the characteristic that gives these birds their common name.

The Cape Wagtail likes to nest in cracks, or crevices, in either natural or man-made habitats. Up to 7 eggs may be laid.



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