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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

African Pied Wagtail

Afrikaans name: Bontkwikkie

African Pied Wagtail

The African Pied Wagtail is normally found near water

Photo © Steven Herbert

Motacilla aguimp

The African Pied Wagtail is an attractive black and white bird. It is far more boldly marked than the Long-tailed and Cape Wagtails.

They are frequently found near water, particularly flowing water like rivers, although they may sometimes be seen a bit away from water. They are not shy and may also be seen at man-made habitats like golf courses, parks and gardens.

Wagtails are related to pipits and longclaws. The African Pied Wagtail is a bit bigger than the more common Cape Wagtail, and it has a longer tail.

African Pied Wagtail

Photo © Steven Herbert

The main food of this bird is insects. As they are associated with water it is not surprising that they also catch small aquatic creatures such as tadpoles and tiny fish.


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