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Village Weaver

Afrikaans name: Bontrugwewer

Village Weaver

Photo © Steven Herbert

Ploceus cucullatus

This commonly encountered weaver is often referred to as Spotted-backed Weaver.

The Village Weaver is a very common species over the eastern regions of South Africa.

In summer the males are very handsome with their yellow plumage and their black masks. Females are more of a brownish-yellow and lack the black mask.

In South Africa there are two other species of weaver where the males may be confused with the Village Weaver. They are the Southern Masked Weaver and Lesser Masked Weaver.

Weavers are well known for the nests that they weave. Spotted-backed Weavers nest in colonies in trees or in reeds. Female Spotted-backed Weavers lay 2 to 3 eggs.

They feed on seeds and grain. They are common visitors to bird feeders along the eastern coast of South Africa.

Village Weaver

Photo © Steven Herbert

Male Village Weaver

Photo © Steven Herbert

Above - A male Village Weaver in breeding plumage

Below - A female Village Weaver
Female Village Weaver

Photo © Steven Herbert

Female Village Weaver going for a splash

Photo © Steven Herbert

Above - A female Village Weaver takes a vigorous bath in my bird bath. Village Weavers are common in gardens in many areas and will always be visitors to feeders.



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