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Lesser Masked-Weaver

Afrikaans name: Kleingeelvink

Male Lesser Masked-Weaver

Above - Male Lesser Masked-Weaver at its nest

Photo © Steven Herbert

Ploceus intermedius

The Lesser Masked-Weaver is not as widely distributed in South Africa as the Village and Southern Masked-Weaver. It is found in a band up the eastern parts of the country from KwaZulu-Natal, through Kruger Park to the northern sections of Limpopo and North West.

Although the Lesser Masked-Weaver prefers drier areas they are normally found near water. They can be found in drier areas with savanna, woodland or bushveld.

The Lesser Masked-Weaver feeds on pollen, insects and seeds.

These weavers are not as gregarious as some of their relatives. Outside of breeding season they stay in small flocks numering less than 10. During the breeding season they nest in small colonies with a maximum of around 10 nests. They lay 2 to 3 eggs and are cared for by both parents.



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