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White-bellied Sunbird

Afrikaans name: Witpenssuikerbekkie

White-bellied Sunbird

Photo © Steven Herbert

Cinnyris talatala

The White-bellied Sunbird is a common species across much of the east of South Africa. North of South Africa its range extends to Tanzania.

The male is a beautiful metallic green on top and the chest with white underparts. The female is a drab two-tone brown.

The White-bellied Sunbird feeds on nectar from a wide variety of plants and it also eats insects such as moths, ants and aphids. It will also eat spiders.

Their nest hangs from a twig and is a rough looking structure made of grass and leaves. They use spider web to bind it together. Up to 3 eggs are laid and it is the females job to incubate them.



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