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Olive Sunbird

Afrikaans name: Olyfsuikerbekkie

Olive Sunbird

Photo © Steven Herbert

Cyanomitra olivacea

The Olive Sunbird is found along the coastal area of KwaZulu-Natal and portions of the Eastern Cape. Beyond our borders it is found in various countries in west and east Africa.

The preferred habitat of the Olive Sunbird is coastal forest. It is also found in woodland areas, parks and gardens.

This species predominantly feeds on nectar from a variety of trees and plants. It also eats some fruit, spiders and insects.

When breeding the female Olive Sunbird makes a pear-shaped nest. It is normally placed amongst vegetation that is hanging down. Up to 3 eggs are laid and the female broods them for about 2 weeks. Both parents feed the chicks for the next 2 weeks at which time they are normally ready to leave the nest.



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