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Common Myna

Afrikaans name: Indiese Spreeu

Common Mynas like to share our gardens with us

Photo © Steven Herbert

Acridotheres tristis

More commonly known as the Indian Myna this bird is an introduced species in South Africa. Its population has grown tremendously as it spreads from town to town. It is most common around human habitation.

Despite being an introduced species it is loved and admired in some places. In Durban particularly it is used a symbol for some buses etc.

Indian Myna typically are seen in pairs or small groups but they often get together in huge numbers overnight. The noise at these roosts in the early evening is unbelievable.

Mynas pair for life and lay about 5 eggs at a time. Their nest sites are normally in holes under roofs or similar structures. They used to be infamous for building their nests in traffic lights, until the design was changed from a closed cylinder to one with an open base.

Mynas are members of the Starling family. They originate from Southern Asia.

They eat a wide variety of foods including insects, small mammals, fruit and seeds. They will readily eat leftover food put out by people.



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