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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

Fiscal Flycatcher

Afrikaans name: Fiskaalvlieƫvanger

Fiscal Flycatcher (Sigelus silens)

Photo Ā© Steven Herbert

Sigelus silens

The Fiscal Flycatcher is an attractive black and white bird that can be seen skulking in bushes or sitting on a branch on the edge of a bush.

It is smaller and less robust-looking than the Fiscal Shrike. The Fiscal Shrike tends to perch in more exposed places than the Fiscal Flycatcher.

The Fiscal Flyatcher inhabits of variety of habitats but it does have a requirement for trees and bushes.

Females are more brownish on their upperparts.

The Fiscal Flycatcher eats insects.

They nest in thick bushes.


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