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Sabota Lark

Afrikaans name: Sabotalewerik

These larks are normally seen on the ground

Sabota Lark

Photo © Steven Herbert

Calendulauda sabota

The Sabota Lark is commonly encountered in many of the game reserves of South Africa. In areas of sparse grass or bushveld it can be seen on the road or the roadside verges.

Most often they are seen singly. The identifying features are the white eyebrow and the speckling on the breast and back. Both sexes have the same colouration. They reach a length of 15 cm.

Sabota Larks feed on insects and seeds. The insects eaten include ants, grasshoppers, termites and beetles. Spiders also form part of their diet.

The female lays between 2 and 4 eggs into a nest that is built on the ground next to a tuft of grass. If they cannot find a nesting spot with sufficient shade they build a dome over the nest!

The scientific name used to be Mirafra sabota but it is now Calendulauda sabota.


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