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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

Sombre Greenbul

Afrikaans name: Gewone willie

Sombre Greenbul

Sombre Greenbul

Photo © Steven Herbert

Andropadus importunus

The Sombre Greenbul used to be called Sombre Bulbul. It is quite shy but has a distinctive call that gives its presence away.

It prefers areas with lots of trees and bushes and is common in areas of lowland forest and other places where there are thickets to give it cover.

The Sombre Greenbul is a dull olive colour with a white eye. The sexes have the same colouration. It is similar in looks to the Yellow-bellied Greenbul but that species has white eyelids and a black eye.

Sombre Greenbul

Photo © Steven Herbert

They feed on fruit, insects, nectar and flowers. They breed during spring and summer. The female lays up to 3 eggs and incubates them by herself. The male brings her food at times and also assists with feeding the chicks.


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