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Lesser Striped Swallow

Afrikaans name: Kleinstreepswael

Lesser Striped Swallow

Lesser Striped Swallow

Photo © Steven Herbert

Hirundo abyssinica

During spring and summer the Lesser Striped Swallow is a common sight along the eastern regions of South Africa.

They are smaller and more brightly coloured than the similar Greater Striped Swallow.

Lesser Striped Swallows are found in open areas such as grasslands, parks, gardens, farmlands as well as along forest margins.

Most of its prey are insects which are caught in flight. It will however take some food items on the ground with caterpillars being a favourite. They will occasionally eat fruit and seeds.

The swallows have certainly taken to building their mud nests on man-made structures. These could be houses, bridges or culverts. The main requirement is that there is an overhang. They do also breed under rock overhangs or even in cavities in trees. 3 eggs are normally laid. The interesting thing about their nesting behaviour is that the pair will often return to the same nest year after year.



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