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Yellow-billed Stork

Afrikaans name: Nimmersat

Yellow-billed Storks may be seen in Kruger National Park

Photo © Alta Oosthuizen -

Mycteria ibis

The Yellow-billed Stork is found in wetalands of various sorts in the eastern half of South Africa. Beyond our borders it has a fairly wide distribution across sub-Saharan Africa.

The main food of this stork is fish and frogs but it does eat some smaller animals as well. It is sometimes seen in the company of Nile Crocodiles or Hippos and it is believed that it is looking for prey items disturbed by them.

They nest in colonies in trees, often along with other species of birds such as cormorants or African Spoonbills.

The location of the nest site is normally chosen by the male and can the nest can take up to 10 days to build. Up to 3 eggs may be laid.

In captivity the Yellow-billed Stork can live for up to 30 years.



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