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Sacred Ibis

Afrikaans name: Skoorsteenveër

The Sacred Ibis is often found close to water

Photo © Steven Herbert

Threskiornis aethiopicus

Many of us are familiar with the Hadeda Ibis. The Sacred Ibis is just as common but it is found around bodies of water instead of our gardens. It is definitely not as rowdy as the Hadeda.

The Sacred Ibis gets its name from Egypt where, some thousands of years ago, it was revered by the ancient Egyptians. Many of them were mummified and included in tombs.

Although the Sacred Ibis favours wetland habitats it can often be seen at rubbish dumps.

It feeds on a wide variety of prey including insects, fish, reptiles and small mammals and birds.

The Sacred Ibis nests in colonies in trees along with other species such as herons and pelicans.

Male and female have the same colouration.


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