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Southern Bald Ibis

Afrikaans name: Kalkoenibis

Southern Bald Ibis

Southern Bald Ibis

Photo © Steven Herbert

Geronticus calvus

The Southern Bald Ibis is a rather strange looking bird with its bald head capped in red, red legs and bill and dark greenish-black plumage. They can normally be seen striding along areas of short grass looking for food.

They are only found in the higher grassland areas of South Africa and prefer areas of short grass particularly after it has been burnt.

The Southern Bald Ibis is typically gregarious and can often be seen in flocks although they can be seen singly as well. Their population numbers were in decline but have stabilised at around 2,000 pairs.

Whilst patrolling the grassland they feed on a wide variety of prey including frogs, small mammals, birds, worms, insects and snails.

Despite being fond of grassland areas they make their nests on cliff ledges in mountanous areas. Between 1 and 3 eggs are laid in a nest made of sticks. Both parents tend to the eggs and chicks.



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