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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

Hadeda Ibis

Afrikaans name: Hadeda

Hadeda Ibis

Photo © Steven Herbert

Bostrychia hagedash

The word Hadeda is sometimes spelt Hadada. The name Hadeda is derived from their raucous call.

The distinctive features of this bird is its long bill and loud call. They are common in gardens in some areas and are very vocal even calling at night when they are disturbed.

The Hadeda Ibis feeds off insects, worms, millipedes, small reptiles and other small creatures. It is often seen patrolling lawns and then digging with its long bill when it senses something is there. When digging they find their prey by touch rather than sight.

Hadedas are about 75 cm in length. They are greyish in colour with a metallic purple sheen in the right light. Their bills are black with a red strip along the top.

The Hadeda Ibis nests in trees. They do not form colonies like other ibises. The Hadeda is found in a variety of habitats including gardens, parks, forest, savanna, woodland and grassland.


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