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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

Long-crested Eagle

Afrikaans name: Langkuifarend

Long-crested Eagle in flight

Long-crested Eagle in flight

Photo © Steven Herbert

Lophaetus occipitalis

The Long-crested Eagle is quite common over most of KwaZulu-Natal as well as parts of Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga and Limpopo.

It is a medium-sized eagle that is often seen sitting on telegraph poles alongside the road. It has a distinctive crest that juts out at the back of its head.

Long-crested Eagles catch a variety of prey including small mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs and insects. It will eat fruit, such as figs, at times.

Long-crested Eagle in flight

Photo © Steven Herbert

Although the Long-crested Eagle pairs for life they are normally seen singly.

They breed in late winter and spring. One or two eggs are laid in a nest made of twigs. Both sexes build the nest but only the female incubates the eggs. The male brings food for her and the nestlings.


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