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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

African Marsh Harrier

Afrikaans name: Afrikaanse Vleivalk

An African Marsh Harrier patrols the grasslands looking for prey

Typical flight of an African Marsh Harrier hunting

Photo © Steven Herbert

Circus ranivorus

The African Marsh Harrier is found over the eastern half of South Africa as well as the southern bits of the country.

It is a streaky brown colour with the females being a bit darker and more rufous.

Harriers hunt by flying low over grasslands or marshlands looking for prey. These birds can grow to 50 cm, weigh 600 grams with a wingspan of up to 1.2 metres.

An African Marsh Harrier patrols the grasslands looking for prey

Photo © Steven Herbert

They are found singly or in pairs.

The African Marsh Harrier breeds in spring and early summer and makes its nest amongst marshy vegetation.


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