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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

African Fish-Eagle

Afrikaans name: Visarend

African Fish-Eagle

Adult African Fish-Eagle

Photo © Steven Herbert

Haliaeetus vocifer

The African Fish-Eagle is a well-known bird and its distinctive call can be hear over both cities and wild areas.

They can be found in any area where there is a large stretch of water nearby.

Female African Fish-Eagles are larger than males and can reach a wingspan of over 2 metres and a weight of around 3.5 kg.

A pair will stick together for life and will often re-use the same nest. Each year they add to it with the result that the nests can be quite large. They lay between 1 and 3 eggs.

The African Fish-Eagle is well known for its method of hunting fish. It keeps watch from a tree and, when it sees a suitable fish, will swoop down and snatch it from the surface of the water.

Although fish are their main food item they will also catch birds and reptiles if they can.

Juvenile African Fish-Eagle

Above - Juvenile African Fish-Eagle

Photo © Steven Herbert


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