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Yellow-billed Kite

Afrikaans name: Geelbekwou

Yellow-billed Kites have a distinctive shape in flight

Photo © Steven Herbert

Milvus aegyptius parasitus

The Yellow-billed Kite is regarded by many scientists as a sub-species of the Black Kite Milvus migrans.

Yellow-billed Kites breed in South Africa during summer but migrate north during winter. They start arriving back during August.

In many areas they are a common sight during summer. In fact they are the 'hawk' that many people are familiar with. They have a slow flight and swivel their tails a lot.

Those that regard them as 'hawks' want to lock up their pets when they are around for fear that they will be carried off. In reality they eat insects and small mammals. Road kill is a favourite of theirs.

The Yellow-billed Kite is found in most areas, apart from those that are really arid.



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