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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa


Afrikaans name: Visvalk

Osprey are normally found near large bodies of water

Osprey at Pilanesberg Nature Reserve

Photo © Steven Herbert

Pandion haliaetus

The Osprey is now listed as the Western Osprey in publications to distinguish it from the Eastern Osprey Pandion cristatus which is found in Australia. It is also called a Sea Hawk or Fish Hawk in some places. They have a widespread distribution across the world, excluding Australia.

They are large birds which can have a wingspan of 180 cm and a length of 60 cm. Ospreys are normally found near larger bodies of water where they hunt for fish, which make up 99% of their diet. They use their excellent eye-sight to see potential prey when flying at a height of 50 metres. They then plunge into the water feet first to grab the fish.

An Osprey nest can be 2 metres in width and weigh over 100 kg. It is made up of sticks and other plant material. The nest made be placed in the fork of a large tree, rocky outcrops or a variety of other places. Between 2 and 4 eggs are laid and it takes around 70 days for the chicks to fledge. Although Osprey's are normally solitary birds they do pair for life.


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