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Namaqua Sandgrouse

Afrikaans name: Kelkiewyn

Namaqua Sandgrouse

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Pterocles namaqua

The Namaqua Sandgrouse is a near-endemic to southern Africa. This means that it is mainly found in southern Africa but its range spills over a bit beyond the region. It is mainly found in the drier areas of South Africa and Namibia.

It prefers arid regions such as those found in the Kalahari and Nama Karoo.

Namaqua Sandgrouse mainly feed on seeds but will sometimes take other vegetable material.

They are able to soak up moisture, in the feathers on their bellies, while at a waterhole then fly back to their nest with the water for their chicks.

Namaqua Sandgrouse make a scrape on the ground for their nests. Normally 2 or 3 eggs are laid. The female tends to the eggs during the hot days and the males look after them at night. The chicks develop and are able to fly short distances and look for food at a young age.



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