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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

Black Crake

Afrikaans name: Swartriethaan

Black Crake in Kruger National Park

A Black Crake looks for food in a stream

Photo © Steven Herbert

Amaurornis flavirostra

The Black Crake is a striking bird that belongs to the Rail and Crake family.

It is not as shy as most members of this family but it does normally keep close to the reeds so it can dive into cover as soon as there is a sign of danger or other disturbance.

Male and female are similar with black plumage, yellow bill and red legs.

Black Crakes are normally found in marshes or other bodies of water where there is plenty of cover.

They make their nest amongst the reeds or on the bank amongst vegetation. Sometimes they place their nest off the ground in a bush.

The Black Crake eats a variety of food including frogs, fish, invertebrates and seeds.

Black Crake

Photo © Steven Herbert

Above - Black Crakes belong to the Rail family which are renowned for not showing themselves out in the open. They skulk around reedbeds making intersting calls but very rarely venturing out into the open. The Black Crake doesn't quite fit the mold. Yes, it often skulks around the reeds making its call but sometimes they feel totally at home wandering around the edges of dams and ponds.


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