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Cape Turtle Dove

Afrikaans name: Gewone tortelduif

Cape Turtle Dove

Photo © Steven Herbert

Streptopelia capicola

The Cape Turtle Dove is one of the most common birds in South Africa. It may be found virtually anywhere and in some areas it is present in large numbers.

It is found in a variety of habitats and is a common site in parks and gardens.

The Cape Turtle Dove mainly feeds on seeds but they also will take fruit, termites and earthworms.

The female Cape Turtle Dove is responsible for making the nest. Typically she will make it amongst dense foliage in a tree. The normal clutch size is 1 or 2 eggs but sometimes there are more. Both parents tend to the eggs and chicks.

Sometimes people refer to this species as the Ring-necked Dove. This name may also be used for the Red-eyed Dove.

The Cape Turtle Dove is depedent on water sources and may often be seen drinking or bathing.



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