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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

African Olive-Pigeon / Rameron Pigeon

Afrikaans name: Geelbekbosduif

African Olive-Pigeon

African Olive-Pigeon

Photo © Steven Herbert

Columba arquatrix

The African Olive-pigeon, also known as the Rameron Pigeon, is a large and colourful pigeon. It is found along the southern and eastern regions of South Africa as well as some parts of Gauteng.

It is a bird of forests but has adapted to suburbs that have plenty of fruit-bearing trees.

The African Olive-pigeon loves fruit and it feeds off the fruits of many different trees. It has also been recorded eating seeds from some Acacia trees.

They breed all year round and the female makes the nest using material brought to her by the male. Either 1 or 2 eggs are laid and are tended to by both adults.


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