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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

Speckled Pigeon / Rock Pigeon

Afrikaans name: Kransduif

Speckled Pigeon

Speckled Pigeon also known as a Rock Pigeon

Photo © Steven Herbert

Columba guinea

For many years the Speckled Pigeon was known as the Rock Pigeon in South Africa.

This pigeon is a common bird in suitable habitat over much of sub-Saharan Africa. It prefers open areas but it is becoming more and more common around our cities and farms.

The Speckled Pigeon can reach a length of around 40 cm. They eat seeds and grain and are particularly fond of groundnuts.

These pigeons make their nests on a cliff, building or in a tree. Most often two eggs are laid.

Male and female Speckled Pigeons have similar plumage.


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