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Grey Go-away-bird

Afrikaans name: Kwêvoël

Grey Go-away Bird in Kruger National Park

Photo © Steven Herbert

Corythaixoides concolor

The Grey Lourie, or Go-away Bird, is now officially called the Grey Go-away Bird (I still prefer Grey Lourie).

It has a distinctive call which gives it its popular name of 'Go-away'. There are stories (myths?) of hunters having their quarry scared off by the 'Go-away' call of this bird. They are most vocal when they are in small, loose flocks of 3 or more birds.

In some areas like Kruger National Park this is an often seen species as it flaps between one perch at the top of a tree and another. It has also become quite common in areas like Johannesburg where trees have been planted to replace the grasslands creating a mini-forest. Typically they can be seen sitting on top of a tree or bush.

Grey Louries eat berries and flowers. They will also occasionally eat seeds, chicks and insects.

They nest high in a tree. The nest is a simple structure where 3 eggs are laid. Both parents tend to eggs and chicks.



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