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Bon Accord Dam

Afrikaans name: Bon Accorddam

Bon Accord Dam

Bon Accord Dam

Photo © Steven Herbert


Bon Accord is located on the northern outskirts of Pretoria. It is popular with fisherman and the boating community. It is also a popular place for braais and picnics. There is a pub near the entrance which also serves meals. It is quite pleasant to sit under the trees and enjoy a light meal.

The dam is fed by the Apies River. Construction was completed in 1923 and was built mainly for irrigation purposes. The dam wall is 17 metres high and the dam is a bit over 1.1 kilometres in length.

Accommodation in Pretoria

There is an entry fee applicable for access to the dam by vehicle but you can part in the restaurant parking area and walk less than 50 metres to the waters edge.

View from the restaurant

Above - View from the restaurant

Photo © Steven Herbert


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