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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

Rose-ringed Parakeet

Afrikaans name: Ringnekparkiet

Rose-ringed Parakeet

Rose-ringed Parakeet

Photo © Steven Herbert

Psittacula krameri

The Rose-ringed Parakeet is a familiar bird to many people as it is a popular pet and cage-bird. Many of these pet birds have escaped or been released by their well-meaning owners and they have established breeding populations around Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria. They are also known by other names such us Ring-necked Parakeet or Indian Ring-neck.

This bird originates from Senegal to Ethiopia, and south Asia, where it can be found in woodland and savanna. In South Africa it appears to stay close by humans occupying farmlands, gardens and parks.

The Rose-ringed Parakeet is partial to figs and other fruits. It also eats seeds and, on occasion, insects.

They nest in cavities which are either natural, man-made or disused nests from other species such as Barbets. The female lays around 3 or 4 eggs and she incubates them.


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