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Woodland Kingfisher

Afrikaans name: Bosveldvisvanger

A Woodland Kingfisher bringing food to its nest hole

Photo © Gerrit de Vries -

Halcyon senegalensis

The Woodland Kingfisher is a beautiful bird and, as its name suggests, it is normally found away from water.

It is widely distributed across sub-Saharan Africa but in South Africa it is restricted to the north-eastern region. It is common in Kruger Park during summer.

They nest in South Africa while they are here. The nest of the Woodland Kingfisher is either a natural hole in a tree or one that has been abandoned by a Barbet or Woodpecker. Up to 4 eggs are laid and they are cared for by both parents.

Woodland Kingfishers feed off a wide variety of insects, reptiles, small birds and other items. They hunt from a perch and keep a lookout for food items on the ground around them.



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