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Green Wood-Hoopoe

Afrikaans name: Gewone kakelaar

A Green Wood-Hoopoe in Kruger Park

Green Wood-Hoopoe

Photo © Steven Herbert

Phoeniculus purpureus

The Green Wood-hoopoe was previously known as the Red-billed Woodhoopoe and this name is still commonly used. It is a well-known bird in the eastern half of South Africa. They are normally seen in small flocks and they make a loud cackling noise.

It is found in a variety of habitats including woodland, coastal forest, riverine forest, parks and gardens. Its main requirement is that there are numerous trees in the area.

Green Wood-hoopoes eat a variety of food including insects, reptiles, seeds and fruit. Most of their food is obtained by scanning the branches of trees.

They breed in a natural cavity and up to 5 eggs. The female does the incubation of the eggs and she is fed by the male and other members of the flock. The female has the sole responsibility of feeding the chicks using food brought by the members of the flock. Apparently the chicks will only take food from her.



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