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Crested Francolin

Afrikaans name: Bospatrys

Crested Francolin on the edge of the road in Kruger National Park

Photo © Steven Herbert

Dendroperdix sephaena

Crested Francolins are found in many African countries. In South Africa it is found in the northern and north-eastern regions of the country.

Their preferred habitats are bushveld, woodland and other similar habitats with sufficient cover.

The Crested Francolin is normally seen in pairs or small groups.

At times they raise their tail feathers giving them a look like a bantam chicken.

When crossing roads in game reserves they often move very slowly and cautiously, unlike other francolins which either scramble across or stroll across rather casually.

Male and female Crested Francolin have the same colouration.

They eat a variety of insects and plant material.

Up to 7 eggs are laid in the nest which is made on the ground in thick grass or bush.

Crested Francolin running

Photo © Steven Herbert

Above - Camera shy! A Crested Francolin runs for cover when it sees that I am trying to photograph it. Taken at Berg-en-Dal Camp in Kruger National Park

Below - Crested Francolin as they are often seen - amongst the grass on the edge of road in a game reserve.

Crested Francolin

Photo © Steven Herbert



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