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Afrikaans name: Koedoe

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Photo © Steven Herbert

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Photo © Steven Herbert

Tragelaphus strepsiceros

Interesting facts about Kudu

The Kudu, as it is known in South Africa, is referred to as the Greater Kudu elsewhere to separate it from the Lesser Kudu.

Male Kudus are larger than females and have magnificent spiral shaped horns. A male Kudu can weigh up to 270 kgs while females weigh around 200 kg. Male Kudus only start developing horns when they are at least 6 months old. By the time they are 6 years old the horns are fully developed and are around 1.2 metres in length.

Kudus are brownish in colour and have a number of vertical white stripes along their bodies. There is a white bar between the eyes. They have large rounded ears.

Kudus are normally found in, or near, dense bush through which they can run surprisingly fast. The male lifts his head to lay his horns against his back as he runs through the bushes.

Kudus may drink from waterholes but they also take in water by eating roots and bulbs. Their normal diet consists of leaves, grass and shoots.

Kudus are preyed on by Lions, Leopards and Wild Dogs.

A Kudu herd normally consists of up to 20 individuals. Males may be seen by themselves or in small bachelor herds.

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A young male Kudu

Photo © Steven Herbert

Above - A young male Kudu whose horns haven't fully developed

Below - A female Kudu

A female Kudu

Photo © Steven Herbert

A magnificent male Kudu

Photo © Steven Herbert

Above - Male Kudus are magnificent creatures! This particular male was photographed at Tala Game Reserve. Something that always amazes me is how they manage to run so fast through thick bush with those horns.



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