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Afrikaans name: Blesbok

A Blesbok with two juveniles

Photo © Steven Herbert

Damaliscus pygargus phillipsi

Interesting facts about Blesbok

The Blesbok gets its name from the Afrikaans word 'bles' which means blaze. This relates to the white face of this antelope.

The Blesbok is very similar to the Bontebok and they are in fact close related.

Blesbok are most often seen in areas of open grassland.

Male and females are very similar in looks although males are slightly bigger. A male Blesbok can weigh up to 70 kg and stands about 90 cm at the shoulder.

Being a mid-sized antelope they are prone to predation by a number of species including Lions, Leopards, Wild Dog, Spotted Hyena and Cheetah.

The preferred diet of the Blesbok is short grass.

Young Blesbok in a playful mood

Photo © nomisg -

Above - A young Blesbok feeling frisky

Blesbok dozing during the midday heat

Photo © Steven Herbert

Above - Blesbok seem to have a habit of dozing during the heat of summer days. They either lay in the grass or stand with their heads down and take a nap.



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