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Afrikaans name: Steenbok

Female Steenbok

Photo © Steven Herbert

Raphicerus campestris

Interesting facts about Steenbok

The Steenbok is an attractive small antelope which stands about 50 cm high at the shoulder. Occasionally they are referred to as either Steinbok or Steinbuck.

They are a very neat looking animal with a fawn coloured coat and white underparts. They resemble the much larger Oribi. Only the male Steenbok has horns.

Although Steenbok can be found in a wide variety of habitats they do tend to favour those with grassy areas interspersed with trees and bushes.

Their main diet is leaves although they do sometimes dig up roots and tubers. Occasionally they will eat fruit but they only eat grass on rare occasions. They do not drink from water sources as they get their moisture requirements from the food they eat.

Steenbok may be seen singly or in pairs. Females give birth to one fawn at a time but may breed twice a year.



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