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Red Duiker

Afrikaans name: Rooiduiker

Red Duiker

Photo © Steven Herbert

Cephalophus natalensis

Interesting facts about Red Duiker

The Red Duiker is referred to as the Natal Duiker in some publications, but this isn't a name that I have heard people use.

This is a tiny antelope which is only 40 cm high at the shoulder and weighs around 12 to 15 kg. The Red Duiker is found from KwaZulu-Natal through to Mozambique.

They prefer areas of forest that give them cover but will sometimes be seen along the fringe of the forest. They are very territorial.

They feed on various plant materials, including fruit that has fallen to the ground, and they may even take insects.

Red Duikers breed all year round. Females give birth to a single calf after a gestation period of 210 days. The female raises the youngster by herself.



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