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Sharpe's Grysbok

Afrikaans name: Tropiese grysbok

Raphicerus sharpei

Sharpe's Grysbok in Kruger National Park

Photo © Steven Herbert

Raphicerus sharpei

Interesting facts about Sharpe's Grysbok

The Sharpe's Grysbok is a shy and uncommon, if not rare, antelope. The name 'Grysbok' is Afrikaans and is a reference to the grey fleck that these antelope have in their otherwise reddish-brown coat.

They are active in the early morning and late afternoon into the evening. They normally occur singly. Sharpe's Grysbok is about 50 cm in height at the shoulder and only the rams have horns.

The main food of this small antelope is leaves browsed from bushes. It also eats grass, fruit and flowers. It occasionally visits fields of cultivated crops at night to feed.

Very little is known about the breeding habits of the Sharpe's Grysbok other than the female gives birth to a single lamb.

Sharpe's Grysbok

Above - Females do not have horns

Photo © Steven Herbert



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