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Afrikaans name: Vlakvark

A Warthog watches indignantly in Kruger National Park

Photo © Steven Herbert

Phacochoerus africanus

Interesting facts about Warthogs

The Warthog is a common animal in many parts of Sub-Saharan African. As you would expect from its looks it is a member of the pig family. They live in groups called sounders.

The Warthog gets its name from four fatty lumps on its face which resemble warts. Apparently these help protect the animal from injury during fighting. They also possess two pairs of tusks.

Males are larger than females and can, on occasion, weigh nearly 150 kg.

Warthogs eat grass, roots and bulbs. They can often be seen 'kneeling' on their front legs as they dig for food.

Warthogs are preyed upon by a variety of animals such as Lions, Cheetahs, Leopards and Nile Crocodiles. Large birds of prey will take youngsters. Warthogs will defend themselves aggressively.

Females normally give birth to 2 to 4 young but they can have up to 8.

Warthogs favour grassland, mashes and savanna. They love taking mud-baths so will not normally be far from some form of water.

Portrait of a Warthog

Photo © Steven Herbert

Above and below - Warthogs aren't the prettiest creatures around but they do have a personality all of their own.

Another portrait of a Warthog

Photo © Steven Herbert



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